Lose Weight Fast Safely and for Good

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Lose Weight Fast It’s easy to lose weight fast if you are always ready to take the next miracle “lose weight fast” pills. Just pop a pill or two everyday and wait for your desired weight. But the problem with this is that all of these pills, no matter how natural they are, can still cause unbearable side effects. Worse, if the substance is out of your body, so as the lost weight. In other words, you gain back the weight that you’ve just lost. Luckily, it is never impossible to lose weight fast with safe techniques that will deliver long-lasting results.

The Major Principle of Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast - Big Problem

You might have heard the major principle of lose weight fast—take out more calories than the amount you take in. So if you are taking 2000 calories everyday, make sure that you burn 2,500 or more calories everyday. Calories that were never burnt will turn to fat deposits that will keep you fat and fatter.

At least, burn the same number of calories that you take everyday. But doing that will never help you lose weight fast. Stick to the major principle—burn calories more than you take—and you will surely lose weight fast.
Now there are two divisions of lose weight fast—exercise and dieting. Even losing weight programs that are not aiming to get results fast should have the same division. Sure, you can lose weight with dieting or exercise alone. But it will not be fast, safe, healthy and long-lasting.

Lose Weight Fast with Dieting

Lose Weight Fast with Dieting

For most people, to lose weight fast starts from dieting because it’s the least they can do. Exercise often takes hours. But dieting is something you can do everyday because you simply need to do it. Here are some diet tips if you want to lose weight fast:

Drink a lot of water. Water helps you feel fuller so you won’t feel hungrier, sleepy, and tired. Drink cool water first thing in the morning—yes even before your coffee or tea. Drink a glass of water also before every meal. Try to drink some water also while eating. Doing so will help you feel fuller faster. Water has no calorie so you won’t get fat even if you drink more than eight glasses of water everyday. In fact, doing that will help you lose weight fast.

Healthy replacement. So you can’t give up ice cream, chocolates, soda, or coffee. If so, then why not replace them with something healthier? Ice cream has a lot of calories, but frozen yogurt doesn’t, yet they taste and feel the same. For chocolates, replace them with foods that are naturally sweet like dried fruits. Sodas can be replaced with tasty natural unsweetened fruit juices. For coffee, replace it with tea and get rid of sugar and cream. Without these two, you still get the benefits of coffee without taking too much calories.

Eat lesser. Take lesser amount of food than you usually do. For example, instead of eating four slices of bread, eat three or two slices. By eating lesser than the usual, you are also taking in lesser calories than the usual. That will surely help you lose weight fast.

Dieting is a discipline. Be motivated by the slimmer and healthier you. Dieting becomes more and more boring the longer you do it. Ask people around you to keep you motivated to lose weight fast. Letting them know that you are trying to lose weight fast is like pledging in front of them that you will lose weight fast.

Lose Weight Fast with Exercise

Lose Weight Fast with Exercise

Walking is the best and easiest form of exercise. And you do it everyday. Increase the number of minutes that you spend for walking to lose weight fast. Other exercises can also be done to lose weight fast without compromising your normal routine. Here are the tips on how to do that:

Walk. As much as possible, walk to where you will be going especially if it’s just near enough. Do not use the car or bike. Just walk. It’s also a good way to have a closer look at everything.

Use physical strength. As much as possible, work. Do not let the machines do your work. Try to wash the dishes by hand or do the laundry by hand. Try to sweep the floor instead of using the vacuum cleaner. By adding work, you also decrease weight.

Exercise while watching TV. How many minutes do you spend for watching TV? 30? 60? Those minutes can be your exercise minutes to lose weight fast. Use the treatmil, bike, or squat while watching TV. No need to choose between lose weight fast and watching TV if you get used to this routine.

It is always possible to lose weight fast as long as you are dedicated and motivated enough. Just don’t give up on yourself or you’ll forever be dreaming to lose weight fast and not make it a reality.

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